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update 27-09-2016 - we've been in the studio, working on a new record. Should be done in time for release around Spring 2017.

We'll be touring during 2017, and we're now represented by the Julie Tippex booking agency - get in touch with them if you want to book us for shows.

We're playing a couple of shows later this year:

November 7th - w/ Cass McCombs Band @ Scala, London. More info & tickets here & on facebook
November 24th - Espace B, Paris w/ Hey Colossus. More info on facebook
November 25th - La Malterie, Lille w/ Hey Colossus. More info on facebook
November 26th - Magasin 4, Brussels w/ Hey Colossus. More info here & on facebook.

update 05-04-2016 - Part Chimp will be playing Raw Power festival on Sunday May 29th.

Raw Power Festival Poster

update 23-01-15 - though we had initially said yes to some shows with the fine Torche folks in the UK, we're not all going to be available at the time and we've unfortunately had to cancel. We'll be replaced by at these shows by 'Sex Swing' (featuring Tim and members of Mugstar and Dethscalator). Thanks to everyone that came along to see us and those marvellously truculent Hey Colossus folks at our recent shows, and to Henry Blacker and Taman Shud and everyone that came along to our show at The Lexington. Some photos taken by Rupert Boddington can be seen here on Flickr

update 17-10-14 - despite the silence on here, we've been playing again, and writing new stuff. There's no definite plans at the moment for recording and releasing anything, but it's a possibility in 2015. We played a couple of dates recently with Hey Colossus in Brussels, Paris, Bristol & Manchester and have a London show coming up on December 5th.

update 24-04-14 - Part Chimp are playing this year's Supernormal Festival in Oxfordshire.

update 07-02-13 - Tim's playing drums with Hey Colossus, Joe's doing academic stuff and The Left Hand, and Jon's playing with Tim in Die Munch Machine and just about to release his second solo record.

Most of us are going to be in attendance at the TattySeasideTown TST.X event on March 16th.

update 14-02-12 - We're just chillin' at the moment. Working out whether there's a final few shows to come or not.

Hope some of you managed to score the Torche/Chimp split. It's a beautiful thing. There's also some more copies of our Gringo release which you can order direct here

update 19-10-11 - Pre-order of the split 12" with Torche available via Chunklet here. It's limited to 500 copies and features artwork by sci-fi illustrator Trevor Claxton.

update 15-09-11 - Final US tour dates with Torche announced - see the gigs page for details. There'll be a split 12" coming out around the same time courtesy of Henry @ Chunklet.

We'll also be playing the Supersonic Festival in October and doing a few European dates in Nov/Dec.

update 27-06-11 - Thanks to everyone that came along on Friday to the show at The Lexington. Palehorse and Hey Colossus were excellent and the crowd were fantastic. Also, for once, big up to the soundman - Sergio - who was chilled and professional and did a great job for all the bands.

Also, we've just confirmed that we're doing a live BBC Radio 6 Music session for Marc Riley on Tuesday 12th July.

Tracks we recorded a couple of weekends ago for the Torche single are mixed and ready to go. The rest of the tracks should be getting mixed over the next few weeks.

Also, please note we've had some trouble with the '' address - if you have any problems please use 'iain (at) partchimp (dot) com' or 'tim (at) partchimp (dot) com', thanks.

update 03-06-11 - Couple of things -

We're putting a call out to anyone who has taken photos of us over the years to get in touch for a project that's being put together for the end of the year. The idea is being looked after by a mate of ours so please get in touch with him directly -

We're in the studio this weekend recording 7 or 8 tracks - some for a split with Torche and some for an ep on Rock Action.

There's a couple of new dates on the gigs page - a show in Liverpool and a date in London at an event with Trans Am and loads of other bands.

update 04-04-11 - another one-off London show announced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the GlassShrimp Resonance FM show. See gigs page for more details.

update 30-03-11 - one-off show just announced at The Lexington with Hey Colossus & Palehorse, June 24th.

update 17-01-11 - Some rumours started making the rounds about Part Chimp coming to an end. They're true, but it's not an immediate thing. We all get on fine and enjoy what we're doing but it's been 10yrs (as of April 2011) and it's time to think about new things.

We're going to organise a final tour and some special shows - maybe even try and get a bit further afield to the US. There's also the possibility of another release, maybe an ep or possibly more.

In other news, dates with Torche were great. Great guys. Also, after unknowingly being featured on one website for bear fans, we found out Iain has just been included on another, called 'Rockin Bears'. Nice to have admirers.

We also featured in NME's Top 10 Noise Rock bands - read here

update 09-11-10 - European dates were great. Really nice to see some places for the first time. We've got a few days coming up in November - some with Torche and some of our own. See the gigs page for more details.

Slightly late news, we released a 7inch single via Gringo Records. It's called "You Decide / Big Bird" and can be bought via or downloaded via bandcamp.

We also now have Thriller on vinyl but it's very limited. It's available from Rock Action here and we should have some at the merch desk at the November shows.

update 23-08-10 - great show in Brighton the other night. Thanks to Colin and to Lamp & Jovian.

update 02-07-10 - thanks to all the folks that came along to the show at The Luminaire last week. Couple more EU dates added to the gigs page. Also, Thriller vinyl finally on the way.

update 24-06-10 - we did a live cd for sale at some of our shows a while back. There's a few of them left that Jon is selling via discogs here

update 02-06-10 - two London dates added - one in July with Todd as a farewell bash for Craig Clouse, and one in September as part of the Hired Geeks All Dayer. We're also planning a European jaunt in September.

update 19-04-10 - Iain put together the latest Mogwai Rock Action Mogcast. It features a never released track by Boards of Canada recorded by Iain from the crowd at ATP in 2001, an exclusive Kling Klang live track, and a rare Part Chimp recording as well as tracks by Corrupted, Bardo Pond, Ligament and more. You can listen or download it at Radio Magnetic or subscribe to Mogcasts on iTunes.

update 19-02-10 - writing new stuff, and a couple of shows coming up. Tracy's also no longer chimping but still very much a mate.

Thanks for all of the folk at The Guardian, Rock-A-Rolla, and Quietus that reckoned 'Thriller' was one of the top releases of 2009; nice.

update 08-12-09 - we're not doing the Tunbridge Wells show mentioned below. Not sure what the reason is exactly but that's just the way things go sometimes.

update 27-11-09 - Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, & London shows coming up in December.

update 03-11-09 - Europe dates were great. We're knackered but just one more weekend in Istanbul before a break from touring.

Also just announced are two December shows in Brighton and London. See the gigs page for more details. Some mostly non-music snaps from the UK tour here

update 28-09-09 - Thanks to everyone who came out to see us on the UK leg of our tour. We're back and knackered but happy with how it went. Europe to come in a week and a bit.

Also, "Thriller" reviews are coming in thick and fast. 8/10 in NME, Classic Rock, Terrorizer, & Drowned In Sound and loads more press both off and online.

update 28-08-09 - Coming soon - order "Thriller" from the Rock Action store on Resonance. If you can't wait, it's already available for pre-order on Amazon.

update 12-08-09 - UK and mainland European tour dates added. More to be announced. See gigs page for more details.

update 03-07-09 - we've just got the first copies of 'Thriller'. It's looking mighty fine and sounding, well.. ..good.. know - it's not for us to say. We're very happy with how it's turned out. See for more details. It's in stores on September 21st and looks like this

update 22-06-09 - played a festival in Kortrijk a couple of weekends back. Beautiful town, lovely people. Latest info on "Thriller" - release date is September 21st. We're looking to tour in the UK around that time and Europe in October. If you'd like to put us on in your town, contact Grainne or Steven our lovely bookers (details on the Contact page).

update 10-02-09 - we're playing a show on Friday 13th at The Lexington, London N1. As Time Out puts it we're "..test driving tunes from upcoming lp Thriller".

update 02-01-09 - record is done and mastered. It's called "Thriller" and should come out in Spring on Rock Action.

update 23-10-08 - still working on the record. Vocals are done, there's only some tweaking and mastering to do. There's around 10 or 11 tracks, including "Starpiss", "Today Pt.III", "Sweet Tea", "Tomorrow Midnight", "FFFFFF", "Trad", "Lies", "Today Pt.II", "Super Moody", & "Once More Forever".

update 01-09-08 - almost finished recording the new album. It's all instrumentally tracked and just about to get vocals. Still a bunch of things to do before it's ready, but it's on its way finally! Release in the UK will be through Rock Action in early 2009.

Those people who are waiting for shirts, we've just ordered a new batch that should be with us in a couple of weeks. Sorry for the delay.

No news on the guitar below unfortunately. I miss it a lot.

update 16-07-08 - played with Harvey Milk last night, those guys are legends. Great show. There was a downside though, one of our guitars has gone missing from outside the Camden Underworld. If anyone sees anyone trying to shift a '73 Telecaster Deluxe, natural finish, with a hole in the scratchplate covered by black tape, and non-original volume/tone controls, please let us know. Some pictures of the guitar - here, here, here and here.

update 23-06-08 - short notice but, we're playing tomorrow night - Tuesday 24th - at The Aquarium L-13, Farringdon Road EC1M 3JB.

update 02-06-08 - we've only been playing the occassional show recently - one in London in January (with Chrome Hoof), one in Feb (with The Cult), one in Wales in May (a day fest with Taint). We've got another one-off coming up in Brighton on June 26th with Melt Banana, and another with Harvey Milk & Oxbow at the Underworld on July 15th.

Next record is almost underway. We just demoed 12 or 13 tracks for Rock Action. Should be recording in July/August.

update 03-12-07 - we're very pleased to be playing Rock Action Records Christmas Party at Nice N Sleazys in Glasgow on December 15th. It's been far too long since we last played in Scotland.

update 27-10-07 - we've been having some time off while Tim has been getting hitched. It's likely that we'll have a few shows around the UK in December. More details here when we've got them.

In the meantime, back in February Drummchimp & Iain H DJed at a Rock Action Records night at Fabric in London. Here's a mix from Iain's set that night.

Part Chimp @ Fabric 16Feb07 (93mb mp3)

Anything included in the mix is done so respectfully of the original artists. If you like any of the tracks (and can work out what they are), please go out and buy them. I'll remove the links if anyone has an issue with their stuff being included.

update 03-08-07 - Festival dates @ Farmfest, Dour, & Stone Hill have all gone well. Thanks to everyone that's dropped us a line about those shows. Follow the links for some pictures, though, seeing as we took them, most of them aren't of us.

We're playing a rare date in London @ The Montague Arms in New Cross Gate on Thursday 9th August. More info at Noisestar's website here.

Also, some people are getting Spam that has an '' return address. Unless you have signed up to our mailing list (which isn't spam and has a very low volume) we are most definitely not sending anyone any other emails from this address. We're not really sure what to do about this (any good advice welcomed) but please please please don't send us anything nasty. We'll try to sort it out soon. And, if anyone reading is responsible for this - shame on you.

update 29-05-07 - Dates with Isis were grand. Thanks to Yoris, Jeff & Craig specifically for making them a pleasure. Some totally random pics here.

Also, we're supporting Comets On Fire tonight at the Scala in London. Sorry for the late notice.

update 27-04-07 - We're back from tour. Too may long drives but, apart from that, good. Many thanks to Rogier (for driving us and not going postal at any point), Steven Toutpartout, Joe Dilworth, Mich Hitch, all the promoters and people that helped us out. Some piccies can be seen here.

update 22-03-07 - 'Bring Back the Sound' is being used on TV ads for Sneaux Shoes in the US.

update 15-03-07 - We have a new album! Well, kind-of..

If you are in the United States you will soon be able to purchase a compilation album of singles, rarities, & previously unreleased tracks from Monitor Records of Baltimore. It even includes two videos - for 'War Machine' & 'New Cross' - in iPod friendly format.

It's titled 'Cup', is beautifully packaged in a digipack with artwork from Shaun Flynn & Jay Howell, and is out on April 24th.

If you're coming to see us play in London on Fri 23rd, or our dates through Europe in April, we have a very very limited supply of these. It's also available from &

update 09-03-07 - We are playing in London at the Buffalo Bar in Highbury on Fri 23rd March. This is a relatively rare (this year at least) chance to see us on home ground in London. Plus, there will be some new stuff aired.

update 02-03-07 - Thanks to everyone that came along to our Brighton show the other night. I think we may have a show coming up in London at some point but I can't remember the date at the moment.

Our European tour dates have now been updated on the gigs page. There's a couple more dates (most likely in Italy) still to come.

update 14-12-06 - We're playing tonight at Barden's Boudoir in Stoke Newington. If you're in London, get there!

update 14-11-06 - New "I Am Come" hairy-man-face t-shirt now available on the media page. These shirts are great, but because of a slight printing error, (the image is slightly smaller than we wanted) we are selling them cheap so - GET IN THERE!

update 09-11-06 - Since I last updated the main thing we've been up to is a short tour of Europe. We played some shows in France, Belgium & the Netherlands. Some great venues and some great people, plus we enjoyed playing and hanging out with Don Caballero, Hitch, Charlottefield & Jel.

update 06-08-06 - Been ages since an update. We've been up to a bunch of stuff.

Since May we played Tapestry Festival (in Wales, very sunny, great atmosphere apart from England dropping out from the world cup as we were playing, photos here), a place called Esquire's in Bedford, Latitude Festival (in Suffolk, also very sunny, also great atmosphere, photos here), and the NPUC festival (in Norwich, they treated us very nicely). We've also got a London show coming up next week at Bardens Boudoir on the 12th August.

The split single that was supposed to be out on Jazzbeard records has now surfaced on Noisestar. Find out more and buy it here. There's also another single due (once we've recorded our track) that's a split between us and Torche, being released by Henry Owings.

Also, sometime later this year some of the singles we've put out in the UK are going to be gathered together with a couple of other songs (plus two videos) for a release on Monitor in the US.

update 30-05-06 - Things have been pretty quiet, but that's a good thing. We played with Big Business. It was an absolute privilege. They were better than we imagined they were going to be - and we our expectations were pretty high. We're taking a wee break from playing live in the next month or two to get some songs for the next album together, though we might make some exceptions for a couple of summer festivals if people are thinking about asking (hint).

Any promoters or folk around mainland Europe who might want to put us on, we're thinking of organising a couple of weeks on the continent in October. Send us an email at the address or drop by our myspace page.

update 23-04-06 - So, we survived America. We survived 7000miles in 3 weeks with one night off (where we slept in the van in a reststop in Louisiana). We enjoyed it though. You can see some piccies here on Flickr. Many thanks to all the people we met, the people who put us up, and the people we played with - especially Oxford Collapse, Gregor Samsa, Big Bear, Torche, The Narrator, Zombi, Fatal Flying Guillotines, Baroness, and Swearing at Motorists. The biggest hugs though are for Jason for looking after us out there and doing all the driving and organising.

We're playing with Big Business somewhere in London fairly soon. Come say hi.

update 19-01-06 - OK, so the website's been quiet for a couple of months, but we haven't been. Plenty's been going on.

The 10" record we're on with Lords, Hey Colossus, & Todd should be out imminently. It's a joint release between Rock Action, Gringo, Jonson Family, & Southern Recs. Our contribution is a track called "Once More Forever". We're doing some likely-to-be-mighty shows in places like Nottingham and Glasgow as a package dealy with all of these guys. More details on the gigs page.

We released a new single via Rock Action in the UK called "New Cross" b/w "Black Water", and "Hell Is Behind Me". We've also shot a video for it, directed by Alex Smith of Black Dog Films (whose CV includes Coldplay, The Darkness, & Tori Amos, amongst others). At some point I'll sort out a link for both the "War Machine" and "New Cross" vids but, for the moment, keep an eye out on MTV2 for them. Apparently if you're in Japan you may also have seen the "War Machine" video playlisted on three different video channels...

We recorded a track for Radio 1's morbid anniversary of John Lennon's death. 'Twas a cover of "Wild Honey Pie" featuring the vocal talents of Henry Owings from Chunklet and was broadcast on Dec 5th alongside other covers from the White Album done by the likes of Hey Colossus, Bardo Pond, Fuck, Sutekh, Lords, Nightingales, Clue To Kalo & Deerhoof. You can hear it on our myspace site -

We played with Pelican at The Scala in December, and Mogwai at the ICA just last week. The most excellent Jon from The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers filled in on bass for the Mogwai show as Joe couldn't make it. Top job as well. We also mixed it up with Alexander Tucker and some friends playing horns as part of the 'Gwai show to become the Chimp Arkestra for special versions of the tracks "Hell Is Behind Me" and "30 Gabillion People". Think we'll try to record something with that line-up at some point; we thought it worked out great.

"I Am Come" came out in the US on Monitor Records of Baltimore. To support it, we're going to be across to play SXSW and tour during March with Oxford Collapse. See the gigs page for more details.

There's a split 7" single with Todd on Jazz Beard Records that should be out now-ish on sludgey brown vinyl. It's limited to around 400 or so copies which might already all be gone. If you want to try and get one, contact Jazz Beard directly -

And finally for this update, the track "B1 (Live at the ICA)" has been included on the "Un40rmulated (A 40 Track Unlabel Compilation)" double cd. It's a beautifully put together release with tracks from the likes of Bilge Pump, Cove, Joeyfat, & Alexander Tucker. Find out more info and buy it from the Unlabel site.

update 19-10-05 - Thanks to everyone that came along to our gigs last month. Pleasure to meet folk around the UK and Ireland and also to play with some fine folk. We've got three dates coming up before Christmas (on the gigs page now), and there's also some plans to play a few dates as a wee tour with Hey Colossus, Lords, & Todd in Jan/Feb.

Vote for the War Machine video in the MTV2 NME chart and they might play it more. Find the voting form by going to and clicking on NME Chart and then Vote Now.

Oh yeah, and just in case you're hearing otherwise, we aren't playing any other dates apart from the ones on the gigs page now. Especially not on the 26th at the Barfly.

update 17-09-05 - Check Gigs page for dates around the UK in October. Next gig is with The Melvins at their "Don't Look Back" show on October 4th at Koko's in Camden. Should be a bunch of new shirts available at these shows as well.

XFM session will be broadcast on Tuesday 20th Sept. It was all recorded live to 2-track and has a nice live feeling about it. We were breaking strings and winging it through the whole thing. Should sound OK but none of us have heard it since the recording so keep your fingers crossed ;)

War Machine video is done. We've seen a rough edit and it's looking tremendous. It involves, us, thirty 8 year old children, prosthetics, an octopus monster thing, an animated beheading, and around sixty litres of green slime. MTV2 have said that they'll play it. All good.

Next single is recorded. It's called "New Cross" and should be a CDep on Rock Action backed with a track called "Dirty Water" and an as yet untitled 9min monged bonus track. We should also have a track included on an upcoming Hawkwind tribute record - a new version of the track "The Watcher" we previously recorded for the OneMusic session.

After that, there's a split single with Todd, and a double 10"ep with Todd, Hey Colossus, & The Lords in the offing. More details when we know more ourselves.

We've also now got a Part Chimp page on Myspace. Take a gander at it here.

Oh yeah, lastly (for now), the Japanese release of "I Am Come" will contain a bonus disc.

update 23-08-05 - OneMusic session is broadcast tonight by Huw Stephens on his show between 11pm and 1am. More reviews of I Am Come turning up. This time in Pitchfork.

update 03-08-05 - OneMusic session includes the tracks -

Once More Forever
War Machine
New Cross
The Watcher

The Watcher is a Hawkwind cover and all apart from a version of the single War Machine are currently exclusive to this session. No idea about broadcast date as of yet.

update 25-07-05 - we've just been asked to record a BBC OneMusic session and an XFM Session. No idea about broadcast dates but there'll be an update here when we know. Video shoot for War Machine is going ahead in Belgium in a couple of weeks. The treatment is nuts - we've got our fingers crossed it turns out proper mentalist. There's also the possibility of putting together a video for Bring Back the Sound from some footage shot by our friends from Chunklet at The Windmill in Brixton but it's still only an idea at the moment.

More reviews of 'I Am Come' have turned up in Classic Rock magazine, The Telegraph, & apparently Terrorizer (though I haven't seen that yet). We're also still in the rock chart top 40 for the third week.. ..still no clue what that means though..

We're also playing a gig in Brixton on the 12th August to raise some money to replace some things stolen from our practice room. Can't remember who it's with or where exactly it's going to be at the moment (possibly The Grosvenor?) but we'll update this soon.

update 15-07-05 - NOISESTAR & JONSON FAMILY RECORDS "Sink the Boat" all-dayer HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Please see the links from the update on the 12th below for more information.

update 14-07-05 - as well as a wee feature and an lp review, there's a track from the new lp on the covermount of Rocksound magazine. It's called "Fasto". We are apparently also currently at No.13 in the Rock Charts with the 'War Machine' single. Don't ask us either what it means or how the hell we managed it. There's also still loads more reviews turning up, this time including places like The Sun newspaper(?!) & a KKKK review in Kerrang.

update 12-07-05 - we've just been confirmed on the bill for the Jonson Family Records and Noisestar "Sink the Boat" all-dayer on a boat on the Thames somewhere near Victoria Embankment. Other bands include: Hey Colossus, Shit & Shine, Thee More Shallows, Charlottefield, Econoline, Bilge Pump, Querelle, etc. Tickets from Ticketweb, more info here.

update 11-07-05 - more reviews of 'I Am Come':

"Iconoclasts Part Chimp, however, hark back to a time when primordial noise was hip among the guitar-toting, and the Jesus Lizard and Sonic Youth were deities. The Chimps's second album is a marvellously sludgy affair, malevolent and slack by turns. Songs such as 'Hello Bastards' and 'Dr Horse Pt 2' are anachronisms in a well-styled world of angles and edges, but the innard-quaking sensations they induce feel good." Kitty Empire, The Observer

"After listening to 'I Am Come' you will either feel so violated that you'll want to kill yourself or so exhilerated that you'll want to live forever. Isn't that recommendation enough?" 8/10 - Hardeep Phull, NME

"..unadulterated, amp-blowing eardrum pummelling for the hell of it. Ferocious but fundamentally euphoric. Going deaf has never been so enjoyable" 4/5 - Simon Goddard, Uncut

It can now be bought from Mogwai's online store here.

update 07-07-05 - 'I Am Come' lp comes out in the UK on cd and vinyl next week. It will be domestically released in Japan (with some extras!) on the 20th August, and should also be out in the US "soon" (fingers crossed). The single 'War Machine' on cd and limited edition 7" vinyl is out now. Both on Rock Action. Both ably and patiently produced by the fine John Cummings (apart from the single b-sides which we recorded in Bavaria.. really..). The album got 4/5 stars in Mojo, and a bunch of nice stuff has been said by Everett True in Plan B mag (see below), Drowned in Sound, Music Week, Subba Cultcha and more. The single has been reviewed glowingly in the NME, Time Out and got single of the week in The Independent. There's also a possibility there'll be a video for this, though more news about that later...

For the moment there's just a couple of dates coming up in England in the next few months. Should be a bigger tour in October. Get in touch if you'd be up for putting on a show.

"Album of the month.. ..Part Chimp's staggeringly LOUD I Am Come (Rock Action). Christ! Turn up the noise. Good to see someone hasn't forgotten the lessons of Eighties Sonic Youth (Evol): guitars get shaken and battered, drums are thumped and thumped again in terrifying fashion, speakers distort, rhythms speed up and slow down, amps get turned up way past 11, a voice screams out stretched beyond endurance over the top of this glorious, coruscating, heartwarming confusion of noise and sex and humanity. Think it sounds unapproachable? No way. This is ROCK! Rock, as I understand it: vivid, colorful, full of hidden intricacies and tumbling delights, guitars as instruments of expression, songs sharp and sudden nonetheless, climax and anti-climax, thrust and counter-thrust, melody and counter-melody. Absolutely fucking wonderful." Everett True, Plan B Magazine.

Sorry to those who might have missed us playing with The Brian Jonestown Massacre the other week. I completely forgot to put it up on the site. Thanks to the Artrocker folks for asking us to do it though...

Also thanks to the Buffalo Bar and Rough Trade folk for putting on a show with us and Shit & Shine a couple of weeks back. We have a live track on the Buffalo Bar Sound Issues Vol.1 compilation (along with Todd, Bloc Party, The Country Teasers, Oneida, Mclusky, etc). It's out now and available online from Amazon.

update 29-04-05 - one-off London gig at the Buffalo Bar in Highbury coming up in May. More on gigs page.

update 13-04-05 - thanks to those that came to the shows we played in the UK this month. Class support came from the likes of Mugstar, The Lords, Mr Fist, I Am Mike, The Swarm, You Judas, Fixit Kid, Bilge Pump, & Monsters Killed By Lasers. We've got a show coming up in Guildford this Friday (15th April). Once the album is out we'll do a whole bunch more but, for the moment, we'll be quiet until then. Please note: there's no show in London this Saturday!

update 24-02-05 - some dates throughout England in April now on gigs page.

update 23-02-05 - it's been a while! We've been pretty quiet for the last couple of months. Practicing a bit, working on a couple of things.. ..that sort of stuff. Our next lp is almost(!) done. It's been tuff to master for one reason or another. Thanks to the 'Gwai and Rock Action for being pretty patient. The album is called 'I Am Come'. It will be out on Rock Action once we get it sorted and some of the tracks on there will be: Bakuhatsu; War Machine; I Am Come; 30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 People; Punishment Ride; Dr Horse Pt.II; Fasto; & Bring Back the Sound.

There may well be a single or ep of other stuff coming up as well (recorded in Bavaria by an absolute gent called Markus at Burnt Out Studios).

You may have seen a piece in the very fine Loose Lips Sink Ships. To follow that up we're playing a LLSS gig on March 4th at The Windmill in Brixton with Big Joan & Comanechi. There's a few more things coming up in April - I'll pop those up when I get more info.

update 29-11-04 - couple of new dates up - one in London this week and one in Glasgow next week.

update 13-11-04 - we're back from another bunch of dates around Europe (actually a couple of weeks back but you know...). Thanks to everyone that put us on, put us up, helped us out, loaned us stuff, cooked us meals, gave us drinks, and took us out. Special thanks to Hitch and their crew for being such top chaps and to Xavier. Also, big up to Lou, who's ace. Check out her website - strongly recommended as a driver/tour manager/road bitch... Pictures and possibly a wee tour summary thingy to come.

update 13-10-04 - Japanese gigs brought to you by - cumulative baggage allowance; non-existant Japanese and charmingly broken English; taxi leaflets; strange trees; a huge dead bug; astounding guitar shops; the koyaanisqatsi crossing; octopus balls; schoolgirls but no schoolboys; probably the best food we've ever eaten; lemon sours; eating raw chicken; "meet the hebdens"; grapefruit and plum sours; sore knees; beer that's tea, or the other way around; cold green tea; RAIN; cold black coffee; ringing bells & honking horns; q:"what do people get from seeing you play?", a:"sick"; being the only people in Tokyo without umbrellas; Japanese imperialists; deep venue and deeper backstage; dried squid nibbles; time eating itself and hearts exploding; breaking three amps during the first show; polite audiences; "I don't think Japan understands Part Chimp"; coffee and soup interviews; a sextuplet of espressos; Ringo's-head rides; "fucking celtic"; £5 apples; salaryman bars with gutsy menus; dried octopus nibbles; mystery cheese stuffed with fish; the japanese top 40 being basically the same as the UK top 40; sunken tables & free beers; RAIN STOPS; cream buns; bullet train cha cha cha; hotel, venue (on the 8th floor), & shopping malls in three joined tower blocks; 3 English books in a bookstore; a pushy, drunken, irishman; FFaF; train station stalker; Time Bomb Records; the end of tour meal; the 'Gwai & Crew; and Plug, Osamu, Naoko, & Satoru.
update 17-09-04 - Cass McCombs supports Blonde Redhead at the Conway Hall in London tonight. If you're already lucky enough to have tickets, keep an eye open for Tim playing drums in Cass's backing band.
update 01-09-04 - support with Oxes in London and more European gigs in October added to the gigs page.
update 17-08-04 - gigs page updated with Oxford date, Japanese dates with Mogwai & James Orr Complex, and European dates with Hitch.
update 13-08-04 - all's quiet for the next month or so. There's a bunch of stuff coming up in October - more news nearer the time.
update 22-07-04 - we're privileged to be one of the bands featured on the upcoming Silver Rocket compilation released on Aug 6th. It's a double cd to celebrate the 50th Silver Rocket night (held upstairs @ The Garage in London every month). Some of the 50(!) bands on the comp include: Todd, Cove, Hey Colossus, Joeyfat, Team, Econoline, The Lords, Cat on Form, & Reynolds.
update 13-07-04 - We've spent the last week and a bit in the studio. More news about that in the next few months. Also, it's also only a couple of days to our appearance at Dour and then we're taking a couple of months break from touring.
update 21-06-04 - We've now got a mailing list on Yahoo Groups. You can sign-up to it here.

Also, there are some listings that state we're playing a gig with Todd on Tuesday. That isn't the case. We love Todd but our next gig in London - our only planned UK gig for the next couple of months - is on Mon 28th June. See gigs page for more details.

For those on the continent, we've been asked to play the Dour Festival in Belgium on Friday 16th July.
update 07-06-04 - Welcome to folks from the US checking out our site. Hopefully we'll see some of you at shows sometime later this year. We're also setting up some other shows in Europe and further afield during October, more details nearer the time.

Our only gig for the next couple of months, is at BoatTing on June 28th. We're taking some time-out after that - amongst other things, we're in the studio during July.
update 17-05-04 - couple of London shows coming up, including one supporting Modey Lemon at 93 Feet East on 26th May. See gigs page for more details.
update 10-05-04 - US release of Chart Pimp scheduled for June 8th on Monitor Records of Baltimore.
update 15-04-04 - new photos section now up. You can find the link in the media section or follow this link to go there directly.
update 14-04-04 - KKKKK review from Kerrang for our set at ATP.. ..nice...

As a sonorous treat for folk in London, we're playing two consecutive dates - one north & one south of the river - on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th May. The line-up for each date should seriously bruise your eardrums - more details on the Gigs page.
update 13-04-04 - we've got another track coming out. It's one side of a split single with Joeyfat on Awkward Silence Recordings and called "Crash the High Octave". It's limited to 500 copies and should be available in stores sometime toward the end of April. If you're based anywhere near Tunbridge Wells though you can pick it up early at the release bash at the Forum on April 17th.

If you've been trying unsuccessfully to get hold of a Chart Pimp T-Shirt recently, we've finally got round to reprinting a limited amount. Get in touch soon if you want one.

Also, cheers to everyone that came to see us last week and thanks to all the bands we played with.
update 30-03-04 - Completely forgot to mention but our Peel session was repeated on Thursday 25th. Sorry about the lack of notice. Also coming up, John Peel is going to be playing 20 minutes each of Mogwai, Envy, and our set from All Tomorrow's Parties during his show on Tuesday 30th.
update 25-03-04 - For all our upcoming live dates through March, April & May, Joe McLaughlin (from the currently hibernating Kling Klang) will be lending his valued skills on bass.
update 03-03-04 - Beautiful place Bologna. Thanks to everyone there that treated us so well.
update 17-02-04 - 'Bring Back The Sound' is out and should be in the shops to buy now. You can also buy it online at Mogwai's online store.
update 4-02-04 - We're looking to do a couple of weeks touring around the UK in April. If you're interested in booking us for a show, get in touch with Doug@Coda - see contact page for details.

Also, date at The Covo in Bologna (Italy) in February has been added to the Gigs page.
update 15-01-04 - "Bring Back the Sound" is Single of the Week in Kerrang. High praise indeed. It should be available in record stores on Feb 9th.

Also, dates at the Buffalo Bar in January and the ICA in February have been added to the Gigs page.
update 8-01-04 - we have a new single, called "Bring Back the Sound", due out very shortly. Described already by a very quick off the mark Drowned in Sound as "Glorious destruction".

We'll be playing this year's ATP as guests of Mogwai. If you want to come along best book your tickets soon as it's selling out fairly fast.

Thanks also to the NME this week - the best British weekly music mag since the demise of Melody Maker and Sounds.. ..except for Kerrang - for what we're taking as an approving mention as "the loudest band in Britain".
update 5-12-03 - just read a review of a gig we did in Leeds. No idea whether the author enjoyed us or not but it's nicely twisted, so here's some excerpts -

update 18-11-03 - Rock Action Presents compilation cd is available online and in good retailers (if there is such a thing...). It costs a very reasonable £5.00 and there's some class stuff on it from the likes of The James Orr Complex, Kling Klang, Papa M, Cex, Envy and Mogwai plus an exclusive track from us called "Punishment Ride". You can buy it online here. Also, "Chimp Monster" American tour t-shirt design available from Monitor Records. Go to the Monitor and Palace Shop to buy them online.
update 13-10-03 - ok, so I'm not really what anyone would describe as a completely together character. Even so, there are a few things which are fairly common basics that I like to live by. Good quality underwear, having the heating on when it's cold, regular access to a shower - that kind of thing. There's another personal rule that I usually abide by: earplugs. Well, dammit, I forgot to put them in for one single chimp gig - at The Crypt in Camberwell - and I get a perforated eardrum.. ..and it becomes infected and, because of the pain and swelling, I haven't properly been able to move my jaw for about a week now. Lesson learnt. I hope my hearing goes back to normal soon. (Iain H.)
update 23-09-03 - US & Canadian gigs were brought to you by: secondary interrogation at immigration and customs; "her majesty's klitoris"; two week jet lag; 30+ degrees; a buick lesabre; classic rock stations; forgotten passport + $200 Canadian = hello toronto; getting dropped by Martin on the first night of the tour and most nights after that as well; breakfasts with wasps; puppet show + part chimp; walking pharmacies; illicit car boot cds; green trousers; black-light bowling; poutine; rediscovering family guy; martin's vinyl stage set; indie rock royalty zombie; northampton (ma) to brooklyn (ny) in just over 2 hours; manhattan from tim's roof; grimaldi's pizza; at san quentin & at folsom prison; unabashed codeine geekery; cheese steak; equipment failure; striking a pose with cass; le van du ox; upstairs at the ottobar; 5 hour drive = 3 chunklets; cosmic curves; check in 4:45am and out 11:30am; the welcoming & accomodating h2o in atlanta; 12 hour drive to baltimore, a lot more cosmic curves & accidents in the rain; l'equipment du ox; cosmic curves party in the rain + interpretive dancing; turbonegro; matthew's pizzeria; leaving baltimore at 2:30pm, 3pm, & 4pm; roadstars Tim Hoenig and Jason; & Babyleg. Oh yes, and they Moggers.. ..ta.
update 07-08-03 - east coast US gigs supporting Mogwai added to gigs page.
update 04-08-03 - if for some reason any of you haven't got round to picking up a copy of 'Chart Pimp' yet or if you've looked but can't find it for some reason, it's just been repressed and is available again in the UK, distributed by SRD.
update 06-06-03 - European gigs were brought to you by: truck stop bratwurst; lots of heineken; the fine, themed, musical compilations of mr industry; mystery text messages from bizarre phone networks; kiwi fruit bombs; broken amplifiers; "super tits"; an absolutely amazing amount of teeth; a belgian jazz club open until 5am on a Monday night; freeform keyboard wigouts from Jo Kling Klang outside belgian jazz club at 5 in the morning; the search for good sunglasses; pink dessert gloop; the amazonian women and moustachioed men of the dutch police; big john at the melkweg; jaegermeister; egg and cheese sandwiches; tipping toilet attendants; zelda geekiness; the public holiday on thursday we knew nothing about; sitting in traffic in germany; getting told off for playing too long; meat and cheese smorgesbords; super-heated mini mars bars; not having enough records to sell; happy songs for hungover people; unexpected 4 star hotel accommodation; jewish hymns; bob carolgees; the league of gentlemen; latin jungle; many pouches of tobacco; tim's french; belgian farmsteads; the solar eclipse viewed from the channel ferry; surprising jamie from the kills; "thanks to mogwai for touring with us"; and especially Tony...
update 12-05-03 - Part Chimp T-Shirts can now be purchased online thanks to the mighty moggers. If you want one, click here to order them via mogwai's site.
update 29-04-03 - someone sent us a gear question. With respect, we're not really going to go into details though it's worth noting that we're not signed to a record company that doles out huge executive bags of cocaine or shiny new equipment - which, incidentally, as a band on such a suckass label you'd be paying for in the first place. As Msr Van Halen says, it's all in the fingers anyway.. ..or something.
update 15-04-03 - Played in Exeter last weekend. It's bloody miles from London.. ..obvious to some maybe, but I didn't quite work it out until we were sitting on the motorway at 6am coming back. The place we played, The Cavern, made it worth it though - top venue and nice folk.

There are also some new piccies in the media section if that's the kind of thing you fancy.
update 11-04-03 - the vinyl version of Chart Pimp should now be available from retailers or can also be found online here. It looks good, it feels good, it smells good.. ..why wouldn't you want it?

We've been taking our time getting shirts online. Until they actually appear for order via the Rock Action site, email us and one of us will let you know the address to send a cheque or well hidden cash to. The shirts are probably going to be around £14 inc. p&p - maybe a bit less...

Cheers to everyone that came along to see us playing Silver Rocket last Friday with Kling Klang. Top night. Check the gigs area for some new dates in Europe at the end of May. There may also be a couple more european dates still to come...