Cheap Thriller

more info coming soon..


Tour poster Sept/Oct 2018


New Part Chimp record coming in 2021

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  1. a mighty personal reference to the meagre chimp output i.e i’d be up for more releases – bootleg or official – which include out-takes and demo versions. as, i don’t know about you, the stuff these bands dismiss is in most cases (myself not being fiscally inclined where my music is concerned) far more interesting than the material they add to their official record label hyperbole. i was listening to the demos this morning, to cheap thriller, after it was noisily heard to hit the carpet – cider in tow for official wetting of the baby’s head – my having to rush to vestibule to wave at postie as he made his escape… my door was open as i was trynna dry clothes on clothes horse. hey! no women are offering to do my chores for me – it dampens your masculinity kudos – allegedly – when you are seen to do your own chores…
    anyhow; i liked lies and the watcher… juzztice being a very mogadon laden sounding affair.. in fact, i liked all the l.p and was a bit put out as why there aren’t more demos added to the band’s releases – i surmise c.d versions of any new material will have these added (hint hint)?
    dunno – what do you say or impart r.e an initial recce of a new unofficial l.p which has merely proffered up some old sounds in new guises? listen for yourself – i, at least, recommend you do that.. and drink some beer as you do so – the killdozer refrains demand it!
    the war on art hasn’t ceased.

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